Like to follow and get a match

Discovering new Asian singles and getting match with them. The fun and easy way to find soul mate.

Like to follow and get a match

On Discover page, you should be presented with new people; you can choose to skip or like them. If you like them, you will automatically follow them and see their  update on your news feed page. A fun way to get to know new people better is to see their update and learn about them over time. If they like you back, it is a match. You both will be connected, you will get a notification and a new chat is created for you to have private conversation with your match.

Like people to connect and get a match

Geting more matches
Getting more matches is made easy for you on discover page, the more you like new people the better chance you have for more matches. Take your time to interact with your matches via news feed or private chat.

getting a match for a date
Got a match with someone

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